Windows Shortcut Keys || Basics of computers

Windows Shortcut Keys

In today’s post, we will get to know the Windows shortcuts(Windows Shortcut Keys) used in computers, which are usually used. Short cut keys of Computer Alt + Enter सलेक्टेड आइकॉन  और Programs की प्रोपटीज  को Open करने के लिए Alt + Esc टास्कबार  के एप्लीकेशन  को Switch करनें हेतु Alt + F4 जिस प्रोग्राम पर … Read more

4th stimulus check- USA

4th stimulus check

Read: 4th stimulus check, According to a new study, Americans most in need of a stimulus check at the beginning of the pandemic continue to suffer today as they face rising inflation, slower job gains, and a crippled supply chain. According to researchers with the Capital One Insights Center, the three rounds of stimulus checks … Read more

Autotrading – Definition

Autotrading means

Read : Autotrading, A trading plan that uses an underlying system to automatically place buy and sell orders. Whenever the underlying system or program meets the trade conditions, these orders are placed. What Is Autotrading?   ➡️ Using automated trading, an order is placed automatically based on a preset strategy. ➡️ A sophisticated trading program is necessary … Read more