Autotrading – Definition

Read : Autotrading, A trading plan that uses an underlying system to automatically place buy and sell orders. Whenever the underlying system or program meets the trade conditions, these orders are placed.

What Is Autotrading?


auto trading

➡️ Using automated trading, an order is placed automatically based on a preset strategy.

➡️ A sophisticated trading program is necessary for advanced autotrading, which reduces the need for human interaction.

➡️ Automated trading allows for rapid execution of orders once the conditions of a programmable strategy are met.

➡️ Programmable autotrading programs can be based on nearly any strategy, but the strategy must be tested thoroughly for profitability before being run.

Auto trading: What it is and how it Process

The autotrading process facilitates real-time profit-taking by investors. There is usually complex programming involved and, in some cases, sophisticated trading platforms with external plug-ins and programming.

Trades can be automated based on a customized strategy by either designing their own software application or connecting to a program.  
An advanced version of autotrading eliminates all human input. The software will run itself once it has been programmed, so no human input is required. To ensure that their programs are operating correctly, traders will closely monitor their programs in the advanced case.
All types of retail investors can use basic forms of autotrading. It is the simplest form of autotrading to set up future orders that execute when certain conditions are met.

How does automated trading work?

Your trading strategy will begin by selecting a platform and setting the parameters. Then your algorithm will apply the criteria set by your rules and conditions so that it can trade for you. You’ll use your trading experience to write your own rules. Factors such as timing, price and quantity all play a role in these decisions. If the 100-day moving average reaches the 300-day average, buy 100 mango shares.

Trading will be carried out automatically according to predetermined parameters when the automated strategy monitors market prices. Trades are executed faster and more efficiently, and specific, technical market events are taken advantage of.

What are the benefits of automated trading?

➡️ Execute trades automatically, day or night, according to your schedule

➡️ Limit the impact of gut reactions and emotional reactions by using planned strategies

➡️ Take advantage of a wide range of indicators to identify and analyze new opportunities

➡️ Execute multiple real-time trades simultaneously to eliminate manual processing

Automated trading platforms

A trading platform can help you mirror a trade of another, often more experienced trader. Trading can be fully automated this way and it allows even a complete novice to trade. The advanced traders will appreciate this as it allows them to avoid staring at their screens all day long. Our clients can choose from a variety of different auto trading products, and we also offer expert advisors for MT4.



AvaSocial in Autotrading

With AvaSocial, the AvaTrade community engages in social trading. Shortening the learning curve is possible with social trading. You can find mentors and ask questions by copying their trades. In this way, you become familiar with copy trading. You can replicate the performance of the best in your portfolio by learning from theirs.



ZuluTrade in Autotrading


AvaTrade’s ZuluTrade, one of the most popular auto trading platforms today, automatically executes trades based on recommendations by experienced traders. You should select the program or expert that best suits your investment goals.



DupliTrade in Autotrading

Trades can be automatically followed by more experienced traders in real-time using the DupliTrade platform, which is compatible with MT4. Users can create and manage trading portfolios through its simple interface while gaining valuable insights into trading strategies that have proven successful.

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